Wanderable Germany!

“Quality host Wanderbares Deutschland” is the initiative of the German Hiking Association in cooperation with regional cooperation partners, which guarantees you tested quality for hikers. Below you will find an excerpt of the 23 core criteria that we fulfill as a certified quality host Wanderbares Deutschland. In addition, however, we offer many more special Services. Just ask us for our services for hikers.

  • We have a drying room for your equipment and clothes.
  • We inform you about the weather.
  • We have storage trays for your hiking boots ready.
  • We also welcome hikers on short notice and for just one night.
  • We are well informed and have staff who provide information on local hiking offers and possibilities as well as tour suggestions with additional information material for you.
  • We fill water bottles free with tap or spring water.
  • We offer you a reservation service for the night stage accommodation.
  • We organize a pick-up and drop-off service for hiking trails.
  • We offer a luggage transport to the next accommodation.

Further information and all certified hosts can be found at:

Deutscher Wanderverband
Kleine Rosenstraße 1-3
34117 Kassel